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We are living uncertain times, and we also foresee difficult times coming in the near future. None of us could have ever thought the entire world would face such a challenge, and although is not over yet, there are reasons to remain optimistic and keep the high spirits.

After 3 months of strict lockdown in Spain, we are now coming (back) to a “new normality” where some measures will remain in place for some time. So in the coming days, part of the team at Celtic Ways will hit the Camino again: We will be walking one of the routes to Santiago de Compostela.

While many of you are not able to come and walk the Camino yourselves, we are offering everyone the opportunity to send us their thoughts, their intentions or their prayers. We encourage you to send them to ** and we will carry them as “virtual stones” to Santiago. Or maybe you just want us to light a candle for you, or … just let us know!


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